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Palo Alto Pet Care

“Dan Sullivan is the dog whisperer of dog walkers!  I’ve been a loyal client for three years now and there are many reasons why.  Here’s my top ten list of why Dan is the greatest dog walker in the world!

10. He works exceptionally hard through all kinds of weather – icy rain or sweltering hot summer days.

9.  He genuinely loves what he does.

8.  He is great with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and personalities!

7.  He really cares about my dog and keeps his eyes out on potential problems/issues.

6.  He is dependable and if he’s running late or behind schedule, he always lets you know.

5.  He is really flexible with respect to scheduling, which is so important for me because my schedule is changing constantly.

4.  He is available – even last minute!

3.  My dog adores him – she adores everybody but she especially adores Dan.

2.  He will take care of your “furbaby” as if it was his own. 

1. He’s not just a great dog walker, but a great human being as well.” 

-Rosalind L., Palo Alto


“The best money you’ll ever spend is on Dan Sullivan as a pet photographer! I’ve had photographers who have made unsuccessful attempts to take pictures of my dog Baby Girl – she is not an easy subject and hates cameras in general.  So I was skeptical about how the photos would turn out.  When I got them, I was completely surprised not only by how good they were but how perfectly they captured her essence and spirit. He has an amazing ability to hone in on what makes your dog so special and brings them out in beautiful pictures.  You will get wonderful, well thought out and conceptualized photographs that really highlight your pet’s personality and are worthy of being framed.  What a wonderful way to pay tribute to your pet!”

-Rosalind L., Palo Alto  



Baby Girl from Palo Alto!

Summerhill Pet-Sitting Services

"Summerhill Pet Sitting.... We have used their services with great success.  We just returned from a trip of 5 days to find our pets, happy, calm (from all the great walking) and loved up.  Erika the owner, is excellent at what she does down to the smallest detail.  She even took one of my pets to the vet while I was gone with great success.   We have a couple of pet sitters but I have to say Erika is now our first choice for watching our pets."

~ Frances Himes Cairns, Belmont, CA


  From left to right: Jakers & Abbey & Casey from Belmont!

To whom it may concern:

I’ve had the
good fortune of having Erika care for my dog (Sophie) and cat (Luna) many times.

Sophie generally becomes very anxious when I go away and usually refuses to eat for the first day or two. This is not the case with Erika. Sophie seems to enjoy my being away so that she can spend time with Erika. Sophie has never gone on a food strike with Erika and she is always very calm when I get home. Erika has taken the time to learn Sophie’s personality and tailors her service to Sophie’s needs.

Erika is also very good with Luna. Luna is the type of cat that stays under the bed or in the closet while I travel. Luna does quite the opposite with Erika. She seeks Erika out and loves the special attention Erika gives her. Just as with Sophie, Erika has taken the time to learn Luna’s personality and works incredibly well with her.

Erika is very accommodating and has found a way to help me every time I’ve needed last minute service. She is willing to do a midday walk during a specific time even if it isn’t exactly midday. She is very dependable and I can leave my girls in her care with great confidence. She exercises great judgment in the care that she provides which lets me travel with peace of mind.

Each time I’ve called Erika to check in, she sounds as though she is the one on vacation. She clearly loves what she does and it shows in the excellent service she provides. Erika always leaves a note with detailed information of her time with my girls and calls to make sure I’ve made it home.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Erika for your pet sitting needs.


 Sophie from Redwood City!

Erika does great with my special needs kitty. Alec is a senior kitty in his twilight years (19.5 yrs) and has developed old kitty aliments such as high blood pressure and kidney disease. He eats a special diet, takes 4 medications daily, and gets SubQ fluids every other day. Erika's can do attitude and friendly way with Alec enable me to feel confident that his special needs are met and he is well cared for while I am away. I highly recommend Erika for anyone who has a elderly kitty in need of extra TLC.

Monica Wetzel ~ Burlingame, CA



Twin Pines Pet Services

Lisa Warden and Twin Pines Pets is a God-send!

"I have known Lisa for 3 years through her work at the Humane Society Silicon Valley, where I volunteer. Naturally I was excited to hear that she was offering pet services in my area, Palo Alto. I have a special needs dog, Charley, and recently due to foot surgery I was not able to walk him regularly. Lisa has been coming like clockwork 2-4 times per week for training walks, and Charley loves her. I have noticed significant improvement in his behavior when I do walk him, as her support has augmented and reinforced the work Charley did with his regular trainer. Not only does Lisa know what she’s doing with dogs and cats, she is very dependable, reliable, and trustworthy about accessing the dog while we’re not home, and an excellent communicator. She always leaves us a note about how things went, and we have never had a misunderstanding about an appointment or a service. I would recommend Lisa and Twin Pines to anyone in the area who needs a reliable and well-trained pet services professional at a reasonable price."

Anna W. ~ Palo Alto, CA



Charley from Palo Alto!

"My first impression of the owner is that she's knowledgeable and competent. She's friendly but has a no-nonsense approach to taking care of animals. She taught me a method to teach my 12-year-old terrier how to get along with cats. No easy task, but it worked. I've seen her with other pets, and she seems very caring of their well-being.  Best of all, she's reliable. If I were asked to recommend a pet sitter or walker, I'd be confident in recommending her."

DeEtte S. ~ San Jose, CA

"Lisa took excellent care of our cat while we were out of town. My wife and I also rested easier knowing our house was in her capable, conscientious hands. Animals are both her passion and her expertise. So she recognizes risks to their health and safety that I would never have thought of, knows techniques for handling and coaxing them, and cares enough to go to the trouble to do things right.

No more begging friends to do us favors when we go out of town. From now on, we'll just call Twin Pines."

John Boykin ~ Belmont, CA


Wiggles Pet Sitting

"I would be more than happy to recommend Michelle. We have a 14 yr. blind min. poodle. Michelle has been very reliable and loving with our dog. We have used her service three times and will continue to use her services. She has great follow through and always stays in touch with

us when we travel through phone, texts. Our dog is very happy to see her and that is a good sign. Upon our return we have always found our

home to be in the same condition as we left it. We have found her to be trustworthy and conscientious." - Joan J., San Mateo, CA.

overnight_pet sitter_san_mateo
Topper from San Mateo!

"Michelle stayed at out house and took care of our 2 dogs and fish while we were away. She kept up great communication and our house was very clean when we got back. The dogs were well taken care of and we'll be using Wiggles Pet Sitting again." - Annette R., Belmont, CA.


dog walker_san mateo, ca
Rossi from Belmont!

dog walker_foster city
Flaca from Belmont!

 Alec from Burlingame!


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